Multireflex tools

What are the tools of Dien Chan really?

Obtaining such rapid results —from the face— for many common disorders is what surprises the majority of practitioners and patients.

We are not here to tell the story of the method, available on this page, but to explain in more detail what multireflex tools consist of, their effects, and how they are made.

In this specially dedicated file to these instruments considered to be real jewels of health, we will develop each particularity with rigor.

But before getting to the heart of the matter, it is worth pointing out that there are many facial and body massagers that have nothing to do with multireflex tools.

Some come from traditional Chinese medicine and others are inspired by the tools of Dien Chan. However, the latter are of more dubious manufacture with polluting synthetic materials such as plastic.

We should also point out that some unfortunately use jade rollers or styluses of various shapes to supposedly practice Dien Chan. It's not really recommended.

And finally, we want to avoid confusion with utensils which, fitted with needles, perforate the skin and cause harmful inflammations with no other interest than to deteriorate and tire the epidermis.

These details take on their full meaning when you know the importance of the yin and yang effects that can only be achieved with real multireflex tools. Their performance is well established and their strength lies in their incredible ability to allow you elegant, effective and gentle gestures, without ever damaging the skin.

We have just introduced the concepts of yin and yang, so let's find out how to put them into practice.


No animal is exploited for its antlers. We only use horns recovered from the traditional agricultural sector and even our vegan customers appreciate them.

All black tools that circulate here and there are made of plastic despite the claims of some people who want to believe that it is buffalo.

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Discover the 6 essential multireflex tools in this entirely dedicated file, of which here is the video.

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