The prescription is essential!

Natural therapy clients understand that they must actively participate in their recovery process. They are eager to learn and seek guidance from their practitioner to help them achieve optimal results.

In the world of natural therapies, we refer to the advice provided by the practitioner as a "prescription," which includes guidance on how to continue the maintenance work at home.

We do not believe in selling clients unnecessary instrument, such as a bqc·point detector, that they may not know how to use or benefit from. Instead, we work with our clients to select the most appropriate multireflex tool for their specific needs.

It is common for beginners to feel intimidated of self-stimulating facial points. However, our goal is to empower our clients to take control of their own health by showing them how to use their selected multireflex tool and explaining the most appropriate diagram of reflection for their specific situation.

By doing so, we provide our clients with the tools they need to actively participate in their own recovery process.

And if I want to distribute!

Dien Chan practitioners understand that resolving countless disorders cannot be achieved in a single session. To ensure patients receive the full benefits of the treatment, it is essential to provide them with one or two multireflex tools to use at home.

Let's make an analogy with the conventional doctor: 

Similar to a conventional doctor, who makes a diagnosis and prescribes medicine, we must take an active role in our own healing process. We must apply the advice of our therapist and complete the "homework" they suggest, which is essential for achieving lasting results.

Unlike industrial aesthetic treatments, where we are bombarded with countless products and gimmicks, Dien Chan and Chan❜beauté offers natural and proactive treatments. We don't use harmful chemicals or obscure formulas that can damage our health, but rather we provide simple and effective tools that enable customers to take control of their own health.


This approach empowers customers to be proactive and helps them to see long-term results. We believe in providing natural solutions that are tailored to each individual's unique needs, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach.

So what can we do?

Well, we only need to recommend the most suitable instrument for the person to undertake their maintenance work at home. It's our prescription.

We offer two solutions that adapt to your situation:
Affiliation or Stock

Affiliation program

The principle is simple:

Put together one or more kits of 2, 3 or 4 tools that you often recommend. However, your client can buy only one or two of the instruments that make up the set. You can also choose the kits you like from the catalogue and send us your list.

—A— Give us the list of multireflex tools that make up the kit:

—B— Donne un nom à ton kit:

—C— Suggest a short text that helps you sell the kit:

—D— And give us in € (or U$D or CHF or CAD or £ ) the amount of the discount you want to apply if you want to be cheaper than the DienShop. The bigger your discount, the lower your commission will be.

Once your proposals received

We will answer you with several links:

Personalized links so that you can install them on your website.

* The personalized page also includes the buttons to be able to buy each tool in the kit individually.

This example offers the “Yin-yang” kit from the DienShop with another name and another price.

All kits can be found in this catalog http://kits.DienShop.com 

Exampleº1: kit composed of the following multireflex toolsa:

Kit sold

The ISMDC takes care of everything! That is, to collect payment, respond to customers, package tools and post them as soon as possible.


Then, I disappear with the money in a tax haven… Oh, not far, because whatever they say, it's full of it in the very heart of Europe. And as it's cold there, I come back and finally pay you your due!


Jokes aside, it would be ideal to have a PayPal™ account to make transfers quickly and free of charge. However, other means of payment are also available.

Affiliation is a simple way for those who want to offer multireflex tools without the need for any investment or having to pay for shipping costs.

That's why you need a site!

To participate in our affiliation program, all you need to do is use the link or buttons that we provide to you.

You can even customize the direct link to the kit page. We suggest using a domain name that we own, such as http://sophie.dienchan.ovh, but if you prefer, we can discuss the option of redirecting the link to your own domain name.

PS: we offer a mini-training to learn how to make your site for free with GoogleSites (like the one you are reading).

✚ d'info dans ce bulletin.

Exampleº2: kit composed of 3 multireflex tools

Les commissions and earnings

This is the difference between the sale price of the kit ( without postage and PayPal commission ) and the “Club Dien Chan International” price that ISMDC students know.

✔︎ If you haven't had the chance to become an EiMDC student yet, we have an applicable commission grid; we will talk about it together.

✔︎ If you are not yet a student of the EiMDC, we offer a solution for reseller, distributor of larger volume.

So, take the opportunity to consult the agenda of our courses and train yourself with Dien Chan experts! All dates and cities are in the course agenda.

This is the difference between the retail price of the kit (excluding postage and PayPal commission) and the discounted price available to members of the "Club Dien Chan International", which is a benefit for students of ISMDC.

✔︎ If you haven't yet had the opportunity to become an ISMDC student, we have a commission grid that can be applied, and we can discuss it further.

✔︎ For those interested in reselling or distributing larger volumes, we also offer a solution.

Take this opportunity to check out our course schedule and train with our team of Dien Chan experts!

All upcoming dates and locations are available in the course agenda.

Build up a stock

For our students, purchasing a small stock of multireflex tools at the best price is a much more advantageous option than affiliation. It allows them to offer the tools to their customers immediately and increases the chances of making a sale.

Redirecting customers to a web page to make a purchase can be less effective than offering the products on the spot.

While investing in a stock of tools is an initial investment, having the most commonly recommended tools readily available can lead to increased sales and better profit margins compared to affiliation.

However, we understand that some may not have the professional status to sell items. In such cases, affiliation may be a suitable option.

Ô! It's not the business of the century, but it does cover the shipping costs and your efforts in providing explanations. Plus, you have the opportunity to sell multireflex tools at a higher price than what's listed on www.DienShop.com.

✔︎ It's important to note that people often compare the price without taking into account the cost of shipping and payment gateway commission. This means you should increase the price of a single tool by at least 20%.

It's important to remember that shipping isn't free, and companies that claim to offer it usually include the cost in their margin.

⭐️ If you have any questions or would like to request a quote for a list of desired references, don't hesitate to contact us at contact@imultireflexology.com. We'll respond promptly with a detailed quote.