Names and numbers of tools

You may have noticed that for more than a decade, the names of multireflex tools have evolved over translations. However, their reference numbers remain the same. Indeed, from the beginning, we had decided to classify them by series to help our students to compose their kit more easily.

So we have several series and the first number of each of them (that of the hundred) tells you:

For bqc·points


Double ending


Facial & Body


Large surfaces


Serie of ⊶100⊷ to stimulate bqc·points:

Detector smooth sphere nº101, Detector yang ball nº103, Detector comet nº133

Small yin-yang hammer nº128

Serie of ⊶200⊷ for tools with two tips with complementary effects:

Yin-yang roller nº206, Concave yang - brass sphere nº207, Small rake - yin roller nº219, Beauty-brush nº252

Serie of ⊶300⊷ for instruments that can be used on the face as well as on the body:

Double mini yang ball nº307, Double mini yin roller nº308

Bamboo ova bar nº373

Serie of ⊶400⊷ body multireflex tools

Double yang ball nº410, Double yin ball nº411

Yin rake nº416

Massage stick nº424

Big yin-yang hammer nº430

Health yang ball nº432, Health yin ball nº433

Triple yang roller nº438

Serie of ⊶500⊷ for kits

The kits catalogue:

Serie of ⊶600⊷ consumables:

Package of 10 solid moxa sticks nº642

Envelope of hot stamp sheets nº644

Serie of ⊶700⊷ publications,

Books, eBooks or booklets, treatment index cards

Serie of ⊶800⊷ for interactiv apps

º801 › Faceasit❜reflex version

º802 › Faceasit❜pro version

º803 › Faceasit❜clinic version

º804 › The Chan❜beauté app version ‘clinic

Serie of ⊶900⊷ large formats

The set of 3 Dien Chan posters nº908

You can therefore directly access the detailed sheet of an instrument by typing in your browser, the number of the tool followed

Example for the Double yang ball nº410:

These files are also accessible from the complete catalog of by clicking on the name of the tool.